What is Mimi’s Hair?
  • It is one out many types of virgin hair with long lasting durability and high texture quality.
 How many packs are needed?
  • The average person usually uses 300 g which is equivalent to 3 packs of hair however if you want to achieve a fuller look it is advised that you use 400-500 grams.

How much does each pack consist of?

  • Each pack consists of 100 gram
What color does the hair come in?
  • All hair comes in its natural color which is comparable to 1b
Am I able to dye the hair?
  • All of Mimi’s Hair is able to be dyed at the client’s discretion. However we highly recommend a colour preview test on a swatch of hair to see how your new colour will look. Most importantly, use the services of a professional colourist to dye your hair extensions.
What is machine weft hair? 
  • Machine made wefts are the most commonly made weft style. These wefts are made with a sewing machine and have been reinforced multiple times for durability. This style of weft can be cut for installation. Never sew through the weft during installation, for the weft can be damaged which will lead to shedding. Attach the weft with a looping or wrap-around stitch
How do I return an item?
  • Due to the quality of our products all sales are final, NO REFUNDS
I have a question not listed, what do I do?
  • Feel free to reach out to us via our or email: